Authenticity. Accessibility. Athleticism.

Relentless Roller Derby is a member-run nonprofit women's sports team based in Greensboro, NC. Founded in 2022, we began as a group of four practicing in a parking lot in the heat of summer and have been growing steadily since then!

We strive to be an accessible and inclusive space for people to build community, empower themselves and others, and have fulfilling competitive athletic experiences.

At Relentless, we believe that no sports team is just about sports.

Our strength is in each other. 

We value community care, whole-being wellness, and respect and compassion for the human within the athlete. Everyone deserves to be here - to grow, to connect, and to have the opportunity to play as hard as they want to. As a TGNC and queer-focused womens’ sports league, we work to make this dream a reality for as many people in the Greensboro area as possible.

   Be Relentless. 

      Get Involved! 

There are so many ways to be a part of RRD! From being a fan, a financial supporter, an official, or lacing up as a skater - we're all part of one team. You get to choose your adventure and decide what's right for you!

Prospective Players

If you're interested in becoming a player, reach out to for more info!

Open to all trans, non-binary, and gender non-conforming adults, and cisgender women. All bodies and abilities welcome! No experience needed!

All new skaters will go through our training program to learn essential skating skills and basics of gameplay before graduating to scrimmage eligible skaters.


If full contact isn't for you, consider officiating! Skating and non-skating officials make the game run. If you're interested in becoming involved in either capacity, reach out to

**All new skating referees will go through our training program to learn essential skating skills and basics of gameplay before beginning to apply rules in practice scenarios and scrimmages. 


If you have experience coaching other amateur women's sports and are excited to learn the intricacies of roller derby, consider reaching out to to learn about coaching opportunities. Non-skating or skating coaches welcome!


If none of this fits the bill, but you still want to be involved and have other skills to offer - become a volunteer! We operate on a tight budget and are completely skater run, so we can always use a helping hand. Reach out to to see how you can become involved!

What costs can I expect?

There is a yearly insurance cost of $75 through our sport's governing body, the WFTDA (Women's Flat Track Derby Association). Beyond this, monthly dues are on a pay-what-you-can, self-determined sliding scale starting at $5. We welcome more than that to help us cover costs, but that's up to the individual.

We have a small but growing gear library for new skaters to borrow skates, pads, and helmets from until they are able to purchase their own. Gear is a big investment and we believe that cost should never stand in the way of someone's journey.

For a more in-depth look at gear options and expectations, check out our gear guide.

Stay Connected!


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